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Our MINISTRIES (Continued):





Headed by Deacon Dave Taylor, we are striving to remove "items" from the Pastor's him more time to serve the congregation.

Come sup with us!


Deaconess & Mother's


What a "Great-Time" we all had, during

the Home-Going Ceremonies for a Giant

in the hearts of all who knew her!  May God

continue to Bless the Family of Willa Calloway!

Youth Sunday's & Mime






                                                                                                                                      Sister Liane, reading to our "Youth," as well as to the congregation!!









Kitchen Committee






Mt. Lebanon has a compassion for feeding people physical food, as well as Spiritual Food!  Sisters Crystal Banks, Stephanie Butler, Ruby Pannell, Mary Sherrill (and others) serve as the "Kitchen Committee."  The Kitchen Committee coordinates quarterly meals immediately following Worship Service, for visitors and members (alike)!  On special occasions, Food Baskets are prepared (for those in need).


Usher Committee

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